Marlene Louchheim

When you pause and look, you see the beauty in everything—especially when you have a passion for natural, tactile forms like I do. My latest work reveals the gnarled roots of the ancient Ohia trees, embraced with lava that has been embedded in these roots. (Ohia trees are native to Hawaii, found nowhere else on this earth, and are the first trees to populate the barren lava fields.) These roots are dead and decaying when they come to me and my adventure begins when my hands begin to explore their individual characteristics. I uncover the uniqueness, sensuality and artistic movement in each piece.
Throughout my life, I have been a keen observer of relationships and those observations have influenced my work. Using burlap, bronze, aluminum, copper, and now wood, I create an emotional stage for the natural twists and sensual curves in the material. Over my career, my works have ranged from small, intimate indoor pieces to giant aluminum and bronze installations, to water sculptures. When you look at my “bags,” you can see them talk to each other—about love, about distance, about fear and tenderness. Each has its own message and uniqueness, like the differences that exist in the humans who view them. Looking at my highly polished wall relief pieces, you can feel the sculptural movement—literally and figuratively. However, it all began with sculptures in stone—chiseling, rasping, sanding and polishing—and it has led me on a creative journey that continues to feed my soul. I wake up each morning looking forward to my time in the studio.
I feel privileged to live in Hawaii and follow my creative passions. Commissions are a welcome challenge as they stretch my imagination, and I love knowing my work will bring you years of pleasure and joy.  It is one of my favorite parts of being an artist.

I would say we must undoubtedly keep Marlene Louchheim’s ‘Full of Nature’ sculptures on Avenue of the Stars forever. The art is beautiful and so are the others that have been placed throughout Century City.

Alexandria Taylor

Century City Chamber of Commerce